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About Astenik Solar PV Systems

  At Astenik Solar, we offer one stop, ready to use photovoltaic systems for commercial, industrial buildings and farm lands, the system capacity ranges from 50KW-1MW Solar Power Plants. We coordinate high quality technical components, offer attractive rate of return on investment backed with a 20 year OPA FIT contract guarantee. Upon request, we can also maintain your plant and monitoring its performance through our web-based remote monitoring system.    
  At Astenik Solar, we work with the world's leading PV Solar System Developers to offer you the most efficient and sustained PV systems for both Grid-tied commercial roof Solar Plants and Solar Power Farms.  
  Our Service Include:      
  Whether you are plan to lease your roof or land for a photovoltaic system or looking for an attractive investment on a PV project. We offer a broad spectrum of opportunities and a range of diverse services. We offer comprehensive consultation and make sure the PV system is customized to meet your building or land profile and ensure the high efficiency of the PV system.  
  The photovoltaic project begins with the search for an appropriate surface. Factors such as the roof conditions, the weight bearing and obstacles etc. play important roles in PV system planning. The best spaces are shadow-free, sealed surfaces, or unused farming areas. We investigate plans for the region and explore the options for connecting the system to the power grid. We also look into municipal regulations and by-laws. We always keep the big picture in mind and select projects that offer the greatest benefit to our clients.  
  We select appropriate surfaces with the potential for profitable yields. Our project managers take care of all leasing contracts and apply for local permits. We size the systems and select the types of module systems to meet the Ontario FIT local content requirements as well as to suit the specific land area. In this phase of the project, we also make detailed plans for coordinating the system construction. And throughout the entire project, we will stand by as your contact partner until your system is up, running and producing clean, reliable energy.  
  We optimize the efficiency of a project at all levels: Framework agreements with renowned manufacturers at affordable prices. Our professionals also help you to finance your solar power systems. We negotiate ideal credit conditions with banks. As a project owner, you benefit from contracting Astenik Solar to construct a system for you. Upon request, we can also take over the financing of the project and the search for private or institutional investors for your project.  
  Astenik Solar work with our experienced partners in this industry, For the large majority of projects, we coordinate all activities during the construction phase of the system installation. At the last stage, we coordinate the system to the power grid and commissions the system until the first kilowatt hours are fed into the grid.  
  Upon request, we can take over the technical management for you. This includes daily inspection with remote monitoring, and if necessary, our service technicians can carry out maintenance. The efficiency of a PV project is dependent upon smooth operation over a period of 20 years or more. If desired, our business management professionals will handle your accounting. We create invoices and annual reports, monitor payments and conclude agreements with property owners, banks and insurance agents – and we do all this while minimizing costs and maximizing yields.  
  Astenik Solar PV System Partner:
juwi is one of the world’s leading companies in the renewable energy sector. We have all of the skills you need to make your project a success. Planning, implementation and operation from a single source. We offer you expertise, experience and references that show that we complete what we start with success. Because at juwi, we turn things around and follow through: not against anyone or anything, but together with everyone involved. Until the project is finished.    
juwi was founded in 1996 by Fred Jung and Matthias Willenbacher. Together, they developed the company, headquartered in Wörrstadt, in the state of Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany, from a two-person operation for planning wind farms into a globally operating group with around 750 employees and an annual turnover of EUR 600 million. By 2011, juwi is projected to have more than 1,000 employees and a turnover of EUR 900 million. juwi offers its clients service expertise in all areas of renewable energy all the way down the value creation chain – from planning and acquisition of specially chosen areas and locations to financing and management of the systems.
Juwi solar is dedicated to developing, financing, building and operating solar power plants of any size, both in Germany and abroad. In the last ten years juwi solar has gathered outstanding experience with more than 1,200 photovoltaic projects (total capacity: more than 400 MW) on rooftops and in free-field installations. Strategic partnerships with major component suppliers ensure that every new project is designed and installed with cutting edge technology.
Juwi solar offers turnkey power plants as well as attractive investment opportunities for private and institutional clients. As general contractor juwi solar is also in charge of the planning, logistics and construction site management of two of the world’s largest PV power plants: the 53-MW solar power plant "Lieberose" near Cottbus, Germany, and the 40-MW plant in “Waldpolenz” near Leipzig, Germany.    


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